Friday, January 15, 2010

mma pound for pound movie

. Friday, January 15, 2010

do you like movie? in this post i will tell you about mma pound for pound movie , yeah i this video i will about Pound for Pound The 5 Best MMA Fighters in the World , wow amazing movie i think, you can watch this video for free dude, no cost for watch this movie because i get this video or movie from youtube, so this is free for you ever.

i hope with mma pound for pound video like this can give you experience about mma pound for pound, and i hope you can watch this to learn how to be mma fighter and be the best in mma sport, yeah i hope that, so this is my mma pound for pound movie for you dude.

and this is their comment :

mr3ggroll (2 hours ago)
UFC HW is almost the same as striekforce. they just have more average fighters.

TheParkell (5 hours ago)
@Randyz666 have you never heard of pride. that was fedors era. he beat the best but hasnt fought decent opposition in at least 5 yrs. needs to sign with the ufc!!! doubt it will ever happen

daniilvs1 (11 hours ago)
enjoyed the video. Our Fedor is the best ever seen. More victories ahead! Overeem and others will be down.

tad1877 (12 hours ago)
awesome list! when kimbo came i was like what the fuck man :D that was funny

shmocko22 (14 hours ago)
errr he has about 6 full fight posted on youtube, do your research. you cant be that obsessed mate

simonmarshall1 (17 hours ago)
cool vid

simonmarshall1 (17 hours ago)
he cleared out the pride division....never been can u not of heard of him...

manOsaur66 (19 hours ago)
Where is check liddell

Randyz666 (19 hours ago)
i'am so sick of hearing about fucking fedor, ppl saying he's the best, reading magazine articles about him. i want to see him actually fight, not some highlight reel, or some nuff in strikeforce (not that i've even seen him promoted in strikeforce anyway) is he retired because it sure seems like it. i've been obsessively into mma for a couple of years and i hadn't even heard of him before i picked up a magazine in october 09.

shinsoffury (21 hours ago)
wicked video...list is practically perfect