Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Branding For Anton personal Blog

. Sunday, December 20, 2009

try to change the language, theme and fix some problem on this blog, i change title too, i will use this blog for my new branding, personal blog, yes my new branding is personal blog, now i want know about google result for new post on this blog, i hope this blog is already to support other blog was joint a seo contest, this blog i create a few years ago, but not developing, i very busy to developing this blog, now i want develop this blog with my skill, blogosphere wait Anton Personal Blog, i will write about personal experience and some important tutorial for blogosphere, in this blog too i will learn how to write article in english language, yeeahh my english language is bad, i know it.

New Branding For Anton personal Blog i hope with this brand Anton personal Blog can maturate very well, i hope that, but every person have failure, you can tell me what my failure, i do not angry with that, i really appreciate if you want critic for better on this blog.

The last, if you want learn about blogging, just do it nothing to lose to trying.